ICV is not just about filling seats with local people but providing Omanis with capabilities and opportunities to be self-sufficient and technically competitive.

We take utmost effort to encourage the local market by maximising the procurement of local goods and services and also improving the capacity and capability of local people and companies in order to secure sustainable commercial benefits for the country.

Steps to achieve ICV:-
  • Increase the procurement of local goods and services
  • Develop and enhance the capabilities of Omani‚Äôs 
  • Provide Omanis maximum job opportunities
  • Support local small to medium businesses 

By following above, we support nation building and help stimulate long-term economic development beyond the projects we deliver and in whatever we do.

Elixir Engineering

Elixir Engineering is a multi-disciplinary Engineering services company.
With our strong technical team, we have proven to be effective for our Clients.
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