HSE Philosophy

HSE Philosophy is to promote appropriate safety by design for the projects, by defining the safety requirements intended to protect personnel, environment and assets from threats associated with design and execution of such.

This Philosophy will specify measures to:

  • Identify and avoid exposure to potential hazards,
  • Minimise the potential (frequency) for hazardous occurrences (release of hydrocarbons, hydrocarbon flammable gases and any other abnormal hazardous event),
  • Contain and minimise the consequence (fire, explosion, gas release) of the hazards,
  • Provide means of escape and evacuation from such hazards,
  • Ensure that the installation is designed to a safe standard,
  • Provide a safe working environment for site personnel.

The framework for the HSE philosophy for the project can be achieved by

  • Ensuring Project is designed as per Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) Standards and Shell Design & Engineering Practices (DEP’s).
  • Ensuring the design emphasis to be on using inherently safer approach for all identified HSE hazards in combination of the As Low As Reasonably Practicable (ALARP), ALARP demonstration to ensure meeting PDO risk criteria, and AI-PSM guidelines.
  • Ensuring the project team emphasis for all identified HSE hazards are namely on; Eliminate, Substitute, and Isolate/Separate ensuring that the risk levels of Project facility is well within the ALARP region.

HSE throughout the project shall be the line responsibility.

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