Structural Calculation Consultancy Services for Nitrogen Cylinder skid packages 30 Ea - 4 nos, 12 Ea - 1 nos for TYCO for Fire & Security

Qatar Gas intends to develop production of North field and awarded the “NORTH FIELD PRODUCTION SUSTAINABILITY (NFPS) PROJECT INVESTMENT 1 PROJECT 1” EPC Contract to M/s McDermott. In project scope, installation of Nitrogen Cylinder Racks for WHP10N & WHP11N platform is included. M/s McDermott, invited the vendors and awarded the Sub-Contract for installation of Nitrogen Cylinder Racks for WHP10N & WHP11N platform to M/s Tyco Qatar Fire and Security. Structural design and stability analysis of the Nitrogen Cylinder Rack skid has been performed by Elixir Engineering for Tyco Qatar Fire and Security.

Execution Methodology:

  • Review of P&ID and Preliminary GA drawing
  • Review of Tie-in Schedule and Material Specifications
  • Review of Piping material specification and Structural material specification
  • Definition of weight for all parts inside the Nitrogen Cylinder racks.
  • Definition of Support type and support details
  • Cylinder loads and other components load values are provided to Structural team to check integrity of Structural arrangements.
  • Modelling of Structural members as per provided GA drawing in Software.
  • Definition of Piping loads (Axial, Vertical & Friction loads) in all support locations.
  • Definition of other components load on the specified structural locations.
  • Definition of External load conditions (Wind load, Seismic parameters) as per project design specification and API RP 2A Ed 22& API RP 2EQ, Ed 1.
  • Definition of number of Anchor points and its location.
  • Performing structural analysis and check the results for deflection, torsion and other induced stress values.
  • Based on the results, additional recommendation to stabilize the structural arrangement for its design life performance. (i.e., Member modification, Wear plate and additional bracing, etc.)
  • Performing the analysis for In place condition, lifting condition, Road Transportation condition and Sea/Barge Transportation condition as per acceleration values provided by Client or Project design specification.
  • Preforming Lifting lug design and analysis
  • Performing Anchor bolt design and analysis
  • Performing analysis for Shackle and sling arrangements. Providing the recommendation for suitable lifting plan.
  • Preparation of complete report with Results summary and Software results for Structural analysis of Nitrogen Cylinder racks.
  • Submission of GA drawing based on the study recommendations.


  • Detailed Structural Design Calculation Report
  • Skid GA drawing

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