Structural and Piping Load Data Analysis of Deluge Inlet and Outlet Lines for Tyco Fire and Security UAE.

Project Background:

ADNOC intends to Upgrade electrical drive systems of Compressor and awarded the “Upgrade of Electrical Drive Systems of Gas Compressor 91/92C101 – Habshan-0” EPC Contract to M/s Control & Application Emirates (CAE). In the project scope, installation of deluge valve network from existing fire water network tie-in is included. M/s Control & Application Emirates (CAE), invited vendors and awarded the Sub-Contract for installation of Deluge valve and piping network on Gas compressor station to M/s Tyco Fire and Security UAE. Structural and Piping stability analysis of the deluge network has been performed by Elixir Engineering for Tyco Fire and Security UAE.

Scope of Work for Engineering Studies:

  • To perform Piping Stress Analysis
  • To perform Structural design calculation and GA drawing modification

Execution Methodology

  • Review of P&ID and Preliminary GA drawing
  • Review of Tie-in Schedule and Material Specifications
  • Review of Piping material specification and Structural material specification
  • Preparation of input requirement sheet to collect connecting pipe nozzle loads
  • Review and collection of data from connecting pipe isometrics up to first Anchor point
  • Pipe modelling as per provided preliminary GA drawing in CAESAR II Software
  • Definition of fluid and material properties as per project specification
  • Definition of External load conditions (Wind load, Seismic parameters) as per project design specification
  • Definition of Support type and support details
  • Performing the Stress analysis for Various load conditions (Thermal load, Sustained Load, Occasional Load) as per project design specification and Stress analysis basis.
  • Validation of pipe load values in all support locations and node points
  • Validation of deflection and Pipe stress values within allowable limit
  • Finalizing the first anchor point, based on the connecting nozzle loads near to deluge valve
  • If stress and deflection limits are exceeded, the analysis will be re-performed for suitable Pipe Support and routing arrangements
  • If all stress and load values are within the limit, the Stress summary, Restraint summary with Input Echo are extracted and submitted to client
  • The necessary changes in GA drawing with respect to piping and Pipe support arrangements will be updated.
  • Piping loads and other components load values are collected from other teams to check integrity of Structural arrangements.
  • Modelling of Structural members as per provided GA drawing in STAAD Pro Software.
  • Definition of new and existing Piping loads (Axial, Vertical & Friction loads) in all support locations.
  • Definition of other components load on the specified structural locations.
  • Definition of External load conditions (Wind load, Seismic parameters) as per project design specification.
  • Performing structural analysis and check the results for deflection, torsion and other induced stress values.
  • Based on the results, additional recommendation to stabilize the structural arrangement for its design life performance. (i.e., Member modification, Wear plate and additional bracing, etc.)
  • Performing Anchor bolt design and analysis
  • Preparation of complete report with Results summary and Software results for Stress and Structural analysis
  • Submission of GA drawing based on the study recommendations.


  • Detailed Piping Stress Analysis Report
  • Detailed Structural Design Calculation Report
  • Piping GA drawing
  • Piping Stress Isometric drawings

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