Stress Analysis Calculation of pipes / fittings of Deluge System inlet and outlet lines as specified in P&ID and GAD for TYCO Fire & Security, Qatar

Qatar Gas intends to develop production of North field and awarded the “NORTH FIELD PRODUCTION SUSTAINABILITY (NFPS) PROJECT INVESTMENT 1 PROJECT 1” EPC Contract to M/s McDermott. In project scope, Installation of 8” Deluge Skid on Riser platform RP1N is given to M/s Tyco Qatar Fire and Security. Our Scope is to perform the Piping design and stability analysis of the 8” deluge skid.

Execution Methodology:

  • Review of P&ID and Preliminary GA drawing
  • Review of Tie-in Schedule and Material Specifications
  • Review of Piping material specification and Structural material specification
  • Definition of weight for all parts inside the deluge skid
  • Preparation of input requirement sheet to collect connecting pipe nozzle loads
  • Review and collection of data from connecting pipe isometrics up to first Anchor point
  • Pipe modelling, inside the Skid as per provided preliminary Skid GA drawing in Software
  • Definition of fluid and material properties as per project specification
  • Definition of External load conditions (Wind load, Seismic parameters) as per project design specification and API RP 2A Ed 22& API RP 2EQ, Ed 1.
  • Definition of Support type and support details
  • Performing the Stress analysis for Various load conditions as per project design specification and Stress analysis basis.
  • Validation of pipe load values in all support locations and node points.
  • Validation of deflection and Pipe stress values within allowable limit.
  • Finalizing the first anchor point outside of Skid and inside skid, based on the connecting nozzle loads.
  • If stress and deflection limits are exceeded, the analysis will be re-performed for suitable Pipe Support and routing arrangements.
  • If all stress and load values are within the limit, the Stress summary, Restraint summary with Input Echo are extracted and submitted to client.
  • The necessary changes in GA drawing with respect to piping and Pipe support arrangements will be updated.
  • Piping loads and other components load values are provided to Structural team to check integrity of Structural arrangements.
  • Preparation of complete report with Results summary and Software results for Stress analysis for Deluge skids.
  • Submission of GA drawing based on the study recommendations.


  • Detailed Piping Stress Analysis Report
  • Skid Piping GA drawing

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