Pre Bid Engineering Support for EPCC Turnkey Contract for New Fire Water Tank With Pumping Station at OQ Methanol Plant Project,Oman

OQ is one of the largest integrated energy companies of Sultanate of Oman and the group focuses on facilitating local and international private participation in the oil and gas sectors to increase value for shareholders and reap greater benefits for the nation.

OQ Methanol Company (OQ MTH) owns and operates a 3,000 MTPD Methanol plant and the supporting Utilities & Off-sites plant at Salalah, Sultanate of Oman. The principal raw materials for the plant are Natural Gas and Sea Water. All Utilities (desalinated water, de-mineralized water, steam, cooling water, power, and nitrogen) are produced within the integrated Utilities & Off-sites plant. Natural Gas is used as feedstock and fuel. Sea Water is used for producing desalinated water and as cooling media for process needs. The plant was commissioned in April 2010, and it has successfully completed two turnarounds in April 2014 & April 2018.

The plant is provided with a fire water system with Fire Water Pond (20-W2601), having a capacity of about 9,400 m3 with HDPE liner. The sidewalls are concreted and the soil underneath the liner is compacted. The connection of the HDPE liners are overlapped and seal welded. The water is being stored and used for fire extinguishing purposes. The maximum firewater demand during the normal plant operation is about 2366 m3/hr.

In case of fire, two jockey pumps and the three fire water pumps shall be started automatically. The spare jockey pump shall be started automatically by fail position signal of the first jockey pump. In any cases, the network pressure shall be maintained min. 7 barg at the remotest and highest point.

However due to the water loss and seepage issue in the Fire Water Pond, OQ MTH plans to build a new fire water storage system with New above ground tank along with new Pumps station and all associated auxiliaries including tie-in with existing fire water network.

We are entrusted to provide Technical and Engineering support to EPCC Turnkey Contract for New Fire Water Tank with Pumping Station at OQ Methanol Plant Project) in the multi-disciplinary activities of (Civil, Instrumentation, Electrical, Piping) MTO and Technical documents to carry out the detail engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning for execution of the project.

With our highly experienced engineering team to assist, study, analyze and suggest technical requirements of submission of the Bid Document. We provide entire support to client at all stages in the bidding to facilitate appropriate data/information submission, aiding technical support during the contract finalization. We are, in addition, capable of executing vendor documents reviews as per required codes and standards.

Thereby assisting in the preparation of bids by providing Material Requisitions along with Specifications for major items in Civil, Piping, Electrical and Instrumentation disciplines, and preliminary MTO's for bulk items and bought out items. In addition, providing various cost-effective concepts to achieve the design performance that won’t affect quality and customer requirements.

Activities involved in Pre-Bid Engineering:


  • Site preparation drawings
  • Method statement for construction activities
  • Layout and building service details of temporary facilities.
  • Bulk MTO
  • BOQ
  • Review of conceptual drawings and documents

Civil & Structural:

  • Review of Plot plan.
  • Review of Geo Technical Report.
  • Preliminary Equipment foundation calculation.
  • Pipe Support quantities (Sleepers, Pipe rack).
  • Road crossing and Culvert details.
  • Interdisciplinary inputs.
  • Bulk MTO.
  • BOQ.


  • Plot plan.
  • Piping GA
  • Preliminary Pipe Routing Study Drawing.
  • Initial Layout Development.
  • Piping Material specification.
  • Interdisciplinary inputs.
  • Bulk MTO.
  • BOQ.


  • Review of Plot plan.
  • Preliminary Electrical Layout.
  • Preliminary SLD.
  • Earthing Calculation, Cable Sizing.
  • CP requirement Study.
  • Interdisciplinary inputs (i.e., Trench Size, Cable Tray).
  • Bulk MTO.
  • BOQ.


  • Interdisciplinary inputs.
  • Bulk MTO.
  • BOQ.

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