Cable block diagrams,Cable routing layout & Cable schedule for HABSHAN- 0,1 & 2 Facilities of ADNOC - WOOD

ADNOC Gas Processing is an operating company of ADNOC , responsible for processing associated gas from onshore oil production as well as from gas wells. The Habshan Gas Complex and Bab plant are responsible for processing this associated gas.

Habshan Gas Complex is a major producer of Natural Gas Liquids (NGL) in this area. This NGL, along with NGL produced from other ADNOC Gas Processing plants at different areas, is transported through a pipeline to a central fractionating plant at Ruwais. The Bab plant produces raw (NGL) and delivers NGL to the Ruwais fractionation plant.

ADNOC Gas Processing also operates two Sulphur Handling Terminals in Ruwais. Terminal 1 is the old Sulphur granulation plant, previously operated by ADNOC Refining (formerly Takreer) and the same was transferred to ADNOC Gas Processing. The facility processes the liquid Sulphur, coming to the facilities brought from onshore by tanker trucks, and offshore by ships. Further, the liquid Sulphur is being processed, granulated, and exported through ship loading terminal which is termed as Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal 1.

Granulated Sulphur is brought by rail wagons from Habshan Sulphur Granulation Plant and stored. The stored granulated Sulphur is exported through shipping terminal which is termed as Ruwais Sulphur Handling Terminal 2.

In order to have a safe operation of the facility, F&G detectors are provided through out the facility. However, certain detectors have become obsolete and areas are not covered by existing detectors. Hence, ADNOC decided to validate the coverage of the existing F&G system and the project was awarded to M/s Wood


To review and validate F&G coverage in Habshan & Bab package units and identify the gaps in order to ensure proper coverage. M/s Wood has carried out the validation of the existing F&G system. However, corresponding documents and drawings need to be updated. Due to time constraints, existing document updation was outsourced to us for certain facilities. These facilities are IES – 02,03,10,11,12,13,15,14,17,18,19,20,301,302,303,304 & CR-541.

As M/s WOOD was satisfied with the progress of the project, they requested to prepare Cable Block Diagram, Routing Layout, & schedule for 17 facilities.


Project was executed with a Senior Instrument Engineer and 2 designers. All the required inputs were provided by M/s Wood as and when required. Online Meeting was conducted every alternate days to evaluate the progress. As the project was awarded during the second wave of the Covid Pandemic, majority of the project was completed in Work from Home model.


  • Cable Block Diagram
  • Cable Routing Layout
  • Cable Schedule

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